I grew up here. After living away, I returned. I came back for the same reasons most people I know are here: opportunity is here; family is here, history is here, friends are here, work is here, and culture is here.

San Francisco has always been a magnet for seekers. It has attracted the smart, driven and innovative. San Francisco has always been reinventing…it has alway been reinventing itself.

The News is full of stories on the people who are moving away because it is cheaper elsewhere: less taxes, cheaper housing costs, lower cost of living. My knee jerk reaction is “good riddance to the selfish and greedy”. But it’s not about greed and selfishness, it’s about personal priorities. If your top priority is minimizing the costs you incur in life, San Francisco is not for you. People who prioritize opportunity, family, history, friends, work, and culture may find this home. They will work to create the next San Francisco. I count myself among them. Let’s reinvent it.