Why a blog?

Taking Stock is my blog. 

Why am I writing a blog? It’s to help me think deeply about the things I find important. It’s certainly a crazy time. More is changing all at once than I’ve ever experienced. What will it look like as we enter a post Covid, post Trump, post carbon, post white male world? The Trump election demonstrated that it will be what ever we want it to be. What we pay attention to. What we buy. What we vote for. Regardless of whether we appreciate it, we’ve moved from a material economy to an attention economy. Now more than ever, I feel it’s important to think things through. It’s important to be part of the discussion. This blog will help me do that. 

We all need to adapt to the attention economy. Everything is designed to capture, hold and capitalize our attention: social media, advertising, political discourse, news sources, entertainment. Each has a vested interest in our attention. I don’t want to fall victim to these tractor beams. I wish to be part of a productive discussion about how to make our world better. 

Taking Stock is about expressing my strong beliefs loosely held. The theme of this blog follows both meanings of the phrase. Taking stock of assets, strengths and capabilities. In creating the new normal we need to capitalize on our strengths and compensate for our weaknesses. But I’m also taking stock as in placing bets. Putting time and and money into the activities and efforts I believe will make a difference.

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