Has Solar Gone Dark?

On the one hand, the future has never looked brighter; renewable projects are bursting with potential. On the other, the transition seems to be stalling, creating a paradoxical landscape where progress appears to be moving backward while holding immense promise.

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Energy as a Platform

Like a server on the Internet, the home is a smart node that creates, consumes, and manages power and contributes important data to the grid. We will produce power locally from rooftop solar. We will store power in batteries in our car or garage. We will get smarter about how we take power when it’s abundant and give power when it’s scarce.

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What Exactly is an Energy Transition?

An Energy Transition is a significant shift in the mix of energy sources used to power society. We are in the midst of such a historic transition right now, our 4th. Every major shift in energy production throughout history has led to profound societal and economic transformations.

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